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Axor Urquiola – Awakening your Senses

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Our private living space is a mirror of our personality. A charming fusion of different styles and objects, of memories and emotions. In the course of time, everything finds its place – whether intentionally or at random, whether it be something handed down to you by your grandmother or discovered while you were travelling, whether it be modern or classic in origin. In this way, every living space tells its own, very individual, story. It is the story and the desires of the people who live in this space and who provide it with a character all of its own. The change and the interaction of personal styles is the foundation of the new Axor Urquiola collection. Take advantage of this new freedom to release your own, invigorating mix of styles and create your personal retreat. With Axor Urquiola, the line between bathroom and living area, between today and tomorrow becomes fluid. It offers an invigorating freedom that awakens our senses – every day anew.

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Old Fashioned Bathtubs in Modern Material, by Agape

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Italian bathroom design company Agape has created these old fashioned bathtubs using modern material for a contemporary mix of old meets new. The Ottocento bathtub is a white Cristalplant bathtub featuring a classic shape inspired by the traditional cast-iron claw-foot tub. The bathtub measures 31 1/8 by 70 1/8 by 23 5/8 inches high, and is available in white or choose a white interior and an exterior from a palette of chic colors like dark grey. This bathtub will define a classic yet contemporary bathroom style. The matching Ottocento sink will complete the look with the same simple, clean lines design on a smaller scale. Check out these modern yet old fashioned bath tubs at Agape.

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Cdesign by Carr Design Group for Omvivo

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Omvivo, the Australian manufacturer of bathroom products, has launched its latest collection Cdesign. With a diverse array of bathroom environments in mind, Carr designed a complete suite of products that represent a rigorously simple geometric form. Uncomplicated aesthetics, flexible design and understated detailing, have fused to create a collection that suits a diverse range of residential and commercial projects. The Cdesign collection consists of highly adaptable pieces including basins which can be wall or bench mounted, corresponding furniture and a unique freestanding pedestal basin with concealed storage made from Corian.

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Phyto-Purification Bathroom

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Using a natural filtering principle called phyto-purification, the bathroom becomes a mini-eco-system by recycling and regenerating the wastewater. The water from the shower and the washbasin is filtered through an organic system before being re-used. Phyto-purification is a natural water-recycling process which is commonly used in ecological purification systems.

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VOL by Victor Carrasco for Boffi

Posted in Csaptelepek, szaniterek by Hellodesign on 2009. július 15. szerda


Spanish designer Victor Carrasco has designed a wash basin for Italian manufacturers Boffi. The basin can be wall-mounted or supported by a base under one side. The wall-mounted taps shown are called Wings, designed for Boffi by Italian designer Mario Tessarollo.

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In bathroom with COCO

Posted in Csaptelepek, szaniterek by Hellodesign on 2009. július 13. hétfő

COCO collection by Paola Navone for Falper

Paola Navone and Michael Schmidt design for Italian bathroom design company Falper. COCO, Menhir, Peace Hotel, George and Scoop are their new collections. A collection characterised by sophisticated polished, lacquered textures in black and white, clearly inspired by the innovative elegance of legendary Coco Chanel. A collection created by Paola Navone for the woman who recognises unique style, and wishes to surround herself with items giving character to classic and modern environments, giving rise to timeless refinement. Deliberately retro style the pedestal ceramic washbasin and ground glass oval mirrors.  Dimensions respectively 80cm x h100cm, and 160cm x h80cm.

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Axor Massaud bathtub 2009 from Hansgrohe

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Axor Massaud. Nature Inspired Design. French designer Jean-Marie Massaud brings us back to our origins. Inspired by nature, he created the exhilarating Axor Massaud bathroom collection. A new addition in 2009 is the bath tub, wherein Massaud’s design concept is clearly visible – the harmonious connection between organic and geometrical shapes, natural aesthetics and modern design. With its extraordinary shape, the bath tub is everything one might expect in a modern bathroom. Once again, Massaud has achieved a perfect symbiosis between human being, water, object and space.

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White Selection: new Esprit bathroom set by Kludi

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Surprising extra details make the new Kludi Esprit complete bathroom set something really special. All in brilliant white, the set includes bathtub, shower, vanity, wall closets and a toilet/bidet wall. Next to the geometrical vanity, you find a portable storage unit, a sort of dressing table on wheels. This ingenious little box is the ideal way to move your products around, whilst keeping them tidy and tucked away. Likewise, in another delightful detail, tea light holders to match the chrome fittings are mounted above the bathtub. An illuminated mirror, a double shower and neat rectangular toilet and bidet complete the look. A complete bathroom set that’s got it all… the Esprit set for 2009 from Kludi is simply remarkable.

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La Belle: a Villeroy & Boch prémium kollekciója a romantika szerelmeseinek

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Intenzív, túláradó érzelmek, szenvedélyesség, érzékiség, mesés, varázslatos és természetfölötti világ – a felvilágosodást felváltó új irányzat, a romantika varázsszavai, amelyben a harmónia, az önmagán túl mutató vágy, a nosztalgia keresése bizonyult irányadónak. Nem véletlen, hogy a 260 éves múlttal rendelkező, az életstílusok mellett elkötelezett Villeroy & Boch legújabb kollekciója, a La Belle, a romantika jegyében született meg.

Modern Bathroom by Duscholux

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Sloping angles add an element of surprise to the CX modern bathroom by Duscholux. The free-standing bathtub is the centrepiece of the collection, with its interior slope offering not only handsome design, but also a place to recline in comfort. The sinks mirror the look with sharp and soft angles. The smart shower unit has a concealed drainage channel and can incorporate a double sink integrated into the back of the shower.

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