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Modern Radiators from I-radium

Posted in Fűtőtestek by Hellodesign on 2009. május 21. csütörtök


Nature-inspired modern radiators from I-radium are a fantastic way to add creative flair to your home. I-radium applies infrared technology to real wood to create an extraordinary medium for heating! Now, wood radiators can add an unexpected element of warmth and beauty to any room. The Leaf, Wood and Flutter radiators are things of beauty. Indeed, guests may mistakes the radiators for purely aesthetic pieces of art. But the infrared rays, which warm people and things first (and then the air around them) make the radiators so much more functional. Leaf transmits the essence of a leaf – the ribs form the shape in a pleasingly abstract way. Wood radiator is available in oak, ebony and wenge – its sculpted shape is totally refined. The peaceful Flutter has waves reminiscent of ripples on a lake.

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New Radiator Designs by i-radium – modern contemporary

Posted in Fűtőtestek by Hellodesign on 2009. március 23. hétfő


Is your home suffering from Ugly Radiator Syndrome? Then check out these gorgeous new modern radiator designs from i-radium – the Bag and Totem. These contemporary designs are sleek, stylish, and worthy or a prized place in your home. No longer will you want to hide it out of sight. The Bag and Totem are designed to complement your contemporary furniture collections, and they’re portable so you can move them as needed.

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