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Copenhagen Design Week 2009

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Copenhagen Design Week is an international event that presents new ideas, knowledge and products – design that generates possibilities for a changing world. For one week, established and new design events are brought together and strengthened to provoke, excite and inspire. As a prelude to COP15 (the UN Climate conference that will be held later in the year), the theme will be sustainable design. Copenhagen Design Week takes place for the first time from 27 August to 6 September 2009.

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Vitra Children Workshop by Alejandro Aravena Architects

Posted in Workshopok by Hellodesign on 2009. július 15. szerda


It’s been a couple of years now, since I heard Argentinean architect Rafael Iglesia describe one of his projects as the attempt to produce a thing not an object. A thing, he said, does not have project, it has not been designed; but an object has. I might have misunderstood what he meant, but I translated it as the difference between a chair and a stone. A chair is designed to be able to sit on it. A stone, if of the right size and form, may allow to sit on it, but was not designed as such. A thing has a life on its own, it has no purpose; only circumstances, e.i. use, make a thing become intentional…

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International Design Workshop in Hungary

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This year International Design Workshop registration has already started. It is a great opportunity to meet designers, discuss Design issues (eco, philosophy, automotive, catastrophy, ecomedia) and design! It is also a great fun to stay in a creative and very peaceful environment of Hungarian Zsennye. To check out last year workshop watch our short films. Application deadline is 14th of July.

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Campana workshop in Athens

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What happens when the Brazilian spirit gets in touch with the Greek culture, when the old gets transformed into new, when group therapy gets a new meaning and the classical becomes modern? The birth of the Yes Hotel in Athens is the most anticipated event in town and curiosity gets bigger and bigger as its official opening is coming close.

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