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Tervezők vakolókanállal

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Akik olvasnak bennünket és figyelik az év első hónapjainak építészeti eseményeit, azok számára tudott dolog, hogy egészen április végéig Budapesten Betontavasz van. Mivel az eseménysor mindenekelőtt építészettel foglalkozó programokból áll, a magunk módján körbenéztünk a formatervezés világában, s válogattunk a fellelhető betonügyekben. (more…)


The marbelicious Q-bo project

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Q-bo is born: the new Italian brand for precious natural and marble stone wall- and floorcoverings, realised with innovative processing and specifically developed equipment and technologies. The company has created a new generation of materials reinterpreted with reliefs, design decorations and surface treatments. Q-bo introduces itself by presenting the first line RUGIADA which fully expresses the potential of the company’s products. RUGIADA is a resistant and enduring ecological covering, created with selected Italian marbles and stones – Bianco Carrara, Crema Luna and Ardesia Ligure. An exclusive process of sand blasting transforms these precious materials into three-dimensional surfaces of great charm and personality.

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DuPont™ Corian® Amanda Levete Architects Milan 2009

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Film showing an interview with Amanda Levete Architects and their lounge installation in cooperation with DuPont™ Corian® in Milan 2009: www.corian-super-surfaces.com

Tokyo Fiber 2009 SENSEWARE Part 2

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Picture 3

By embedding optical fibers continuously, then cutting across fibers, it is possible to make concrete that light will penetrate. Kengo Kuma, known for architecture, understands building design can be influenced by the potential of its materials. These piled light blocks create a new architectural vocabulary. The space he produced is translucent, so people inside sense the shadows of people walking outside. This represents a radical change for the character of a solid material that would normally shut out light.

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Herman Miller launches new materials program

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Herman Miller has launched a new program designed to make all 1,600+ materials accessible, understandable, and fun to explore. Samples of all materials are bound into a 15-volume set of reference books – each the size of a hardcover novel – that breaks with the industry tradition of three-ring binders with removable pages. Books in the reference library are constructed using a proprietary process that welds the pages into a cover, thus enabling a closed-loop reclamation program consistent with Herman Miller’s sustainable goals. 

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Amanda Levete Architects: ‘CORIAN® super-surfaces’ at Milan Design Week 09

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'Corian® super-surfaces' | image courtesy DuPont™ Corian®
‘Corian® super-surfaces’ is the name of the exhibition that DuPont™ Corian® and Amanda Levete Architects (ALA) will create for the upcoming Milan Design Week in April 2009.

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