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Stepp-by-stepp – új Inga Sampé bútorok a Ligne Roset számára

Posted in Bútorok by Hellodesign on 2011. január 19. szerda

A Budapesten is képviselt francia bútorgyártó, a Ligne Roset a január végi imm Cologne nemzetközi bútorvásáron mutatja be az új bútorokat. Inga Sempé ‘Ruché’ kollekciójának szófái tavaly debütáltak ugyanitt, most pedig az ágyakkal és asztalokkal bővül a kollekció. (more…)


150 éves a Ligne Roset

Posted in Bútorok by Hellodesign on 2010. július 7. szerda

Az idén 150 éves francia exkluzív bútorokat gyártó Ligne Roset Magyarországon egy évtizede képviselteti magát. A nagynevű tervezőkkel és fiatal tehetségekkel egyaránt dolgozó cég a jubileum alkalmából három, 150 darabos, sorszámozott, “150 ans Ligne Roset“ logóval ellátott bútorral kedveskedik a minőségi design termékekre fogékony ügyfeleinek. (more…)

The Invisibles by Tokujin Yoshioka for Kartell

Posted in Bútorok by Hellodesign on 2010. március 26. péntek

Japanese designer Tokujin Yoshioka will launch a collection of transparent polycarbonate furniture at the Kartell showroom in Milan next month. Called The Invisibles, the collection will include chairs, tables, armchairs and benches displayed within an installation at the store designed by Yoshioka.

Via & more: Dezeen

Tripart by KiBiSi for Quinze & Milan

Posted in Bútorok by Hellodesign on 2010. március 25. csütörtök

In Milan next month Copenhagen design collective KiBiSi will launch a folded aluminium chair for design brand Quinze & Milan. Called Tripart, the design is made of three folded sheets of metal, joined together by bolts under the seat.

Belgian design brand Quinze & Milan invited Copenhagen industrial design trio KiBiSi (Lars Holme Larsen, Bjarke Ingels and Jens Martin Skibsted) to create the ultimate simple “knock down” chair without the need for major tooling. The chair will be presented in Milan next month.

Via & more: Dezeen

Harry by Eric Jourdan for Ligne Roset

Posted in Bútorok by Hellodesign on 2010. március 1. hétfő

French designer Eric Jourdan has designed a range of seating for French design brand Ligne Roset. Called Harry, the collection includes a sofa and armchair with deep seats and high rounded backrests. The designs are available with either straight metal legs or a bent tubular metal base. This design creation is a surprise coming as it does from Eric Jourdan and from Ligne Roset : ‘Harry’ is the most hybrid and bold piece of the new Roset collection. It is contemporary and classic, as switched-on as it is old-hat and yet beautiful – so much so that you don’t know what to think about its origins. Starting from an archetype of à la française style furniture reassessed by Jourdan’s eye, the French maker has produced a range that is authentically undatable, somewhere between 1940 and 2010, as offbeat as vodka & tonic served in Limoges porcelain.

Via & more: Dezeen

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Pi table by Roderick Fry for Moaroom

Posted in Bútorok by Hellodesign on 2010. február 17. szerda

Three steps and we’re ready to eat! Yes, you’re reading Yatzer and not Martha Stewart, and this ain’t a cooking lesson, but in three simple steps you will have assembled the Pi dinning table which was designed by Roderick Fry.  Fry, wanted to create a simple, affordable and stable dinning table as his former dinning table (designed and manufactured by a large consumer brand), was “insulted for its instability” by a friend of his who happens to be a designer.

Via & more: Yatzer

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Avalon by Michael Young for Swedese

Posted in Bútorok by Hellodesign on 2010. február 17. szerda

Hong Kong designer Michael Young will launch a swivelling tub chair for Swedish design brand Swedese at the Stockholm Furniture Fair. Called Avalon, the upholstered chair is meant for use in contract furnishing and also comes in a static version. “Avalon was created as nod towards the man that first inspired me to become a designer, Vernor Panton,” says Michael Young. “I felt that there had not been a great deal of evolution in the big soft upholstered tub chair sector recently, certainly non that swivel and as ever I like to design things that I could have in my own home. It’s a serious contract piece suitable for airports and hotels alike. It is also the only one-piece injection chair produced in Sweden in the last 25 years and a serious commitment to the vision of longevity.”

Via & more: Dezeen

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Muble sofa for Felicerossi by UAU

Posted in Bútorok by Hellodesign on 2010. január 28. csütörtök

Mumble was conceived by UAU to completely changethe traditional concept of the sofa. It is a highly moldable object that is well accepted in any atmosphere. Mumble is the answer to the different requests of the market as it is not tied with its back against the wall, but can be the main object of a room. (more…)

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Noon Studio

Posted in Bútorok, Világítás by Hellodesign on 2010. január 27. szerda

French duo Gautier Pelegrin and Vincent Taïani joined their forces and created the Noon studio. After their studies in industrial product in France the two designers followed separated careers for a long time until the moment they decided to collaborate and create their own studio. The result of this fusion is a mix of different experiences that allows a new approach to furniture and object design. Different perspectives can be a barrier to productive collaboration but that’s not the case with Noon studio; on the contrary it is an interchange of ideas, an effective way to stimulate creative thinking. The concepts of Noon studio come to confirm the fact that the collaboration of the two designers has only positive effects. A creative relationship that manages to generate new inspirational concepts.

Via & more: Yatzer

‘Ruche’ by Inga Sempé for Ligne Roset

Posted in Bútorok by Hellodesign on 2010. január 27. szerda

At this year’s imm cologne the French manufacturer Ligne Roset presents this new sofa series by Inga Sempé. ‘Ruche’ consists of nothing more than an upholstered, quilted blanket which is draped over a simple wooden base.

Via & more: Dailytonic