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Karim Rashid kereszt lámpája

Posted in Világítás by Hellodesign on 2011. február 1. kedd

Karim Rashid sztárdesigner a 2011-es imm cologne bútorvásáron mutatta be legújabb lámáját, melyet a holland Freedom of Creation márka megbízásából készített. A három dimenziós, gömbölyded kereszt formájú világító egység Karim Rashid jellegzetes figuráiból, keresztek, csillagok, csöppek és pacák alakjainak egymásra hajló mintájából épül fel. A holland cég egyik elismert fő profilja az a három dimenziós nyomtatási technika amit ennél a lámpánál is használta. A lámpa asztali illetve függő változatban is elérhető.

Forrás: designboom


Fork lámpacsalád a Foscarini-Diesel repertoárjából

Posted in Világítás by Hellodesign on 2011. január 20. csütörtök

Laza, mégis elegáns a Foscarini-Diesel házasság egyik gyermeke, a Fork állólámpája. A világító test kapható függő- illetve asztali kivitelben is. A lámpa-búra durva varrása és anyaga a farmerre emlékeztet és az átfedéses eldolgozás pedig a patchwork stílust idézi, és nem utolsó sorban 360 fokban elfordítható, ami pedig roppant hasznos tud lenni. További vagány lámpák találhatóak a házaspár weboldalán.

Lantern by Mathias Hahn for Ligne Roset

Posted in Világítás by Hellodesign on 2010. február 22. hétfő

London designer Mathias Hahn has designed a pendant lamp that clamps to its own flex, which is now in production with French brand Ligne Roset. Made from spun aluminium and glass, the lamps of the LANTERN series operate within a typological framework, which finds its place somewhere between a floor lamp and a pendant lamp. By means of a clamp mechanism situated inside the lamps, they can be adjusted in height between floor and ceiling, moving it along the cord. With this in mind, the cable is, unusually, fed through the centre of the lamp. The configuration of lamp shade and cable utilises the geometry of the production processes and puts the traditional materiality into a new aesthetic and functional context.

Via & more: Dezeen

Sempé w103 by Inga Sempé for Wästberg

Posted in Világítás by Hellodesign on 2010. február 17. szerda

Swedish company Wästberg present an LED desk lamp by French designer Inga Sempé at the Stockholm Furniture Fair. Called Sempé w103, it features a hand-spun aluminium shade supported by a thin steel tube, attached to a clamp or cast base. This elementary lamp is meant to be as simple and solid as a nail or a push pin. As with traditional tool machine lighting, the mechanics are sturdy and long-lasting, with the aim of improving classical industrial elements: the clamp is inverted to offer a better way of using it. The lamp mixes solidity and lightness: a thin beam joins the two opposite pieces of the lamp: the heavy cast foot to a delicate shade. Its silhouette and its various positions bring to mind a small umbrella.

Via and more: Dezeen

Noon Studio

Posted in Bútorok, Világítás by Hellodesign on 2010. január 27. szerda

French duo Gautier Pelegrin and Vincent Taïani joined their forces and created the Noon studio. After their studies in industrial product in France the two designers followed separated careers for a long time until the moment they decided to collaborate and create their own studio. The result of this fusion is a mix of different experiences that allows a new approach to furniture and object design. Different perspectives can be a barrier to productive collaboration but that’s not the case with Noon studio; on the contrary it is an interchange of ideas, an effective way to stimulate creative thinking. The concepts of Noon studio come to confirm the fact that the collaboration of the two designers has only positive effects. A creative relationship that manages to generate new inspirational concepts.

Via & more: Yatzer

What Watt? by Tim Fishlock

Posted in Világítás by Hellodesign on 2010. január 11. hétfő

Tim Fishlock’s What Watt? chandelier is a memorial to and a celebration of the humble incandescent lightbulb. By 2011, all forms of incandescent light bulb will have been phased out in favour of greener alternatives. What Watt? marks the passing of a beautiful design that has remained relatively unchanged since its invention 130 years ago.

Via & more: Yatzer

Carbon 451 Lamp by Marcus Tremonto

Posted in Világítás by Hellodesign on 2009. november 24. kedd

American artist/designer Marcus Tremonto has created the Carbon 451 Lamp. When asked by art gallery owner Patrick Brillet to design a piece out of Carbon Fiber, we decided to celebrate and utilize the best of the materials true physical properties, its strength and lightness. The complexity of curves and required thinness could not be duplicated in any other material while still maintaining its ability to support itself completely…

Via & more: Contemporist

Chimney Pendant Lamps by Benjamin Hubert

Posted in Világítás by Hellodesign on 2009. október 13. kedd


British designer Benjamin Hubert has created the Chimney pendant lamps for Viaduct. Chimney is a collection of hand thrown, kiln fired clay pendant lamps. They are produced in a pottery studio in Wales and utilise the natural clay of the region. Using traditional hand thrown techniques each lamp has its own unique character with a textured exterior finish in contrast to a gloss white glazed interior.

Via & more: Contemporist

100% lamp by Ross Lovegrove for Danese

Posted in Világítás by Hellodesign on 2009. augusztus 25. kedd


Ross Lovegrove has designed the 100% task lamp for Danese. The desk lamp is made from 5 mm thick aluminum sheeting which has been cut, bent and painted white, and includes a printed circuit and touch-sensitive dimmer. Instead of hiding the circuitry of the lamp and its electrical components, lovegrove has exposed them on the outer chassis of the metal structure on the kapton orange that runs down the neck of the lamp.

Via & more: designboom

Self reflecting lamp by Oliver Schick

Posted in Világítás by Hellodesign on 2009. augusztus 5. szerda


This exhibit is playing with the discourse that is currently being held in the field of design. It is a symbol of what design can achieve in our days. Currently, we can see a trend of interpreting design as an act of art, an act of creating unique objects causing rather a thematicand contentual discussion than fulfilling the practical role of consumer articles. Self-reflecting lamp is a ready-made object that critically opposes these different views. Two normal table lamps, the shades of which are grown together like Siam twins, illuminate themselves without managing to produce really useful light. It is just the ventilation slots of the shades which allow some light to pass through, creating a decorative effect by its flower-shaped reflection on the wall.

Via & more: Yatzer