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Ekokook by Faltazi Lab

Posted in 07. Zöld, Konyhák by Hellodesign on 2010. február 17. szerda

Once upon a time some people decided to get a handle on their own future. They wanted to reducing their ecological footprint to the minimum, so in the course of the teens decade they introduced into everyday habitat efficient means for producing energy and reducing energy consumption, and for managing wastes. Concepts of industrial symbiosis had been in everyone’s mind for some time, but the big thing was to apply them effectively in the home. Working in closed cycle mode, they felt that each waste should be turned into a new resource, that each drop of water that fell on the roof or came from a tap should be used to the utmost instead of going straight down the drain, that each watt of wind and solar power produced by the house should be valorized on the spot. Little by little, the home of ‘Mr & Mrs Smith’, which had formerly been powered exclusively by fossil energies: coal, petroleum derivatives, gas… was becoming self-sufficient.

The different functions dependent on consumption of an immaterial energy such as electricity were upgraded to hybrid input of power sources. Wastes, which had once been evacuated and incinerated at considerable expense by the community, generating untold tons of ash and toxic gases harmful to the environment, were made subject to taxation by weight, which encouraged people to be more careful. People who were once just consumers became ‘consum’actors’, committed to changing their behaviour patterns and adopt eco-friendly habits. Once the means of taking immediate action were put within their reach, they seized hold of them and began changing things around, inventing new user protocols and spreading the good news.

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Colo dishwasher by Peter Schwartz and Helene Steiner

Posted in Konyhák by Hellodesign on 2009. június 5. péntek


A concept for a dishwasher combined with a sink by designers Peter Schwartz and Helene Steiner is on show at DMY Youngsters exhibition in Berlin this week. Dirty crockery is loaded into a tray at the table, then put into the sink. A cover lowered over the sink seals the dishwasher and contains water jets. The clean dishes are then stored on the wall in the same tray in which they were washed, ready to be carried back to the table for the next mealtime.

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Kitchen On A Table And The Wall

Posted in 01. Design, Konyhák by Hellodesign on 2009. május 21. csütörtök


Constrains like limited space and behavioral changes like cooking while entertaining have dictated the transition from monstrous-sized kitchens to neat compact kitchenettes and open modular concepts. Adopting these changes, Electrolux brings to us to two unique concepts. The Rendez-vous interactive table is a cook-top that allows you to do jiffy cooking and entertain at the same time. The Volare, akin to the Lounge Bar, is a wall mounted appliance that’s nothing short of an artistic kitchen!

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Colonello’s Collection: On/Off for Boffi

Posted in Konyhák by Hellodesign on 2009. május 21. csütörtök


The name says it all: Boffi’s On/Off kitchen, designed by Alberto Colonello, transforms from a solid paneled wall into a full-functioning, gourmet kitchen nearly instantaneously. Designed to look like a single mono block of steel when closed, the minimalist kitchen is marked by a smooth and unobtrusive exterior that conceals everything from the sink and stove to the wall oven. As with the notorious Polly Pocket (from the 1980s) the On/Off kitchen packs itself into a compact “case” when not in use.

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New Boffi kitchens, London

Posted in Konyhák by Hellodesign on 2009. április 1. szerda


Last week saw the arrival in London of two of Boffi’s latest kitchen concepts, Duemilaotto by the brand’s Creative Director, Piero Lissoni, and On/Off by Alberto Colonello. Freshly installed in the beautiful Brompton Cross showroom (with paint just about dry before the first visitors arrived) the two models are an interesting mark of where kitchen design is heading.

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Eco-Friendly Boffi Kitchen – New Duemilaotto

Posted in 07. Zöld, Konyhák by Hellodesign on 2009. március 11. szerda


The new Eco-Friendly Duemilaotto is a cool, calm and collected kitchen from Boffi. The visually outstanding design by Piero Lissoni uses natural materials such as: stone tile, reclaimed wood and solid wood, contrasted beautifully with man-made materials such as stainless steel and corian. The straight-forward, linear aspect of the kitchen puts the focus firmly on the look of the natural materials and highlights their importance to the overall look. The solid Acacia wood used in the Duemilaotto is, unusually, heat-treated but not stained.

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Duravit Starck K Kitchen Sink – new sink by Philippe Starck

Posted in Konyhák by Hellodesign on 2009. március 5. csütörtök


Philippe Starck brings his distinctive design touch to the new Duravit Starck K Kitchen Sink. Being so central to every kitchen, the sink must be well-equipped and stylish. Right angles characterise this faultless sink rendered in breathtaking, bright white.

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Valcucine’s recyclable high-end kitchen

Posted in 07. Zöld, Konyhák by Hellodesign on 2009. február 25. szerda


Valcucine has created an innovative structure with glass base units which, eliminating the second side panel, also in glass, gives the arrangement such a clean and lightweight appearance that it looks almost ethereal. The decreased volumes imply less waste of resources and energy while the exclusive use of glass guarantees full recyclability of the unit, eliminating toxic emissions, as well as absolute resistance to water, steam and heat.

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Lit Faucet from Newform – new Y-Con kitchen faucet

Posted in Konyhák by Hellodesign on 2009. február 25. szerda


The new Y-Con Lit Kitchen Faucet from Newform will have you seeing red (in a good way), and your kitchen in a whole new light. The Y-Con features the patented “Turboled” water-lighting system that changes color as the water’s temperature does. On or off, this cool faucet stands out for its sensual, feminine curves and a sleek, masculine simplicity that fits seamlessly with any style kitchen, from contemporary, to luxurious, to traditional.

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Urban Kitchen Designs from Copat – new Salina / Kos kitchen

Posted in Konyhák by Hellodesign on 2009. február 21. szombat


Rich, warm hues of chocolate and carob make the new Salina / Kos kitchen from Copat a tasteful addition to your home. This urban kitchen design teams the Kos kitchen’s multi-laminar teak with the dark lacquer of the Salina model.

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