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LiKEmyBiKE – IF Mode: az összecsukható designbringa

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IF Mode white bike

A LIKEmyBIKE városi biciklik szépségverseny ideje alatt (április 22. és május 22. között) a Hellodesign bemutatja a szériagyártott városi bringák és kiegészítők legjobbjait.

Az IF Mode (IF = Integrated Folding) egy nagyvárosi designbringa. A gyártó, a Pacific azt a feladatot adta a tervezőcsapatának, hogy készítsenek egy olyan összecsukható kerékpárt, ami nagy kerekű, nagyon vagány, mégis könnyen es gyorsan összecsukható. (more…)


IF-Mode by Mark Sanders for AREAWARE

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The IF-Mode, by acclaimed industrial designer Mark Sanders, is now available for purchase in the USA. Winner of the 2008 Eurobike Award, and the 2009 iF Gold Award (along with the Apple iPhone, the Macbook Air and the VW Golf Mk6), the IF-Mode is a rolling, folding work of art and a bike collector’s dream machine. The clean and striking IF Mode (Bike Weight: 14.7 kg) is aimed at commuters of the mobile generation who, until now, may have not considered cycling or folding bikes to be an option. IF Mode avoids oily chains, complex tubes with hidden dirt traps, and the clutter of traditional bike features. Meant for city commuters rather than bicycle warriors, it looks at home folded up on a subway or in an office, like other well designed accessories in your life. It also performs on the street like any lightweight, well-balanced full size bike.

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iF Mode Folding Bicycle

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Aimed at recent converts to cycling and fans of Björk, the IF Mode folding bicycle designed by Mark Sanders is based on a patented 3-dimensional 4-Bar linkage that automatically guides the wheels together when folding. If you’re looking to get one in time for Summer, Areaware just gave us the heads-up they’re taking pre-orders until May 1st.

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