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Zound Systems and their concept furniture

Posted in 11. Interjúk by Hellodesign on 2009. június 2. kedd


Syros is a beautiful Greek island that, apart from its numerous beaches and interesting sightseeings, is hiding more attractions for the design curious traveller. Zaxos Stathopoulos is the leading brain behind zound systems, a creative initiative that is trying to generate its own visual vocabulary on contemporary furniture. Not being afraid of using concepts neither bold application of colour, zound systems recycle and reinvent ideas and materials in order to create the elements of a particular universe. In their case, it is a universe full of arty creations, with strong personality and stories to tell. Investigating and inspired by concepts like atavism, metabolism, raw data, fabela architecture, waste and biosphere principles, they create objects that, as they point out, carry messages, answers and evidence for a secret tale written for a single reader. It comes of no surprise then that one can find in zound systems’ world from ideal creations for dark princes till furniture that even seems alive. If all of that sounds confusing, continue reading our exclusive interview of Zaxos that casts a light. You can even get some extra excuses for organizing your next vacations at Syros!

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Campana workshop in Athens

Posted in 01. Design, Workshopok by Hellodesign on 2009. április 2. csütörtök


What happens when the Brazilian spirit gets in touch with the Greek culture, when the old gets transformed into new, when group therapy gets a new meaning and the classical becomes modern? The birth of the Yes Hotel in Athens is the most anticipated event in town and curiosity gets bigger and bigger as its official opening is coming close.

Via & more: Yatzer