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Wright Eames Auction 08 April 2010

Posted in Aukciók by Hellodesign on 2010. március 26. péntek

Wright’s upcoming Eames auction celebrates the work of Charles and Ray Eames. The sale will feature the Eames Design Archive of John and Marilyn Neuhart alongside fine examples of major furniture forms, Eames oddities and other related works. As official archivists of Eames Office output for more than 30 years, the Neuhart’s meticulously chronicled the work of Charles and Ray Eames and compiled thousands of images, original ephemera, films and documents. The Neuhart’s amassed nearly 100 binders containing photographs, copies, negatives and clippings of nearly all Eames Office production as well as thorough records of the 1976 exhibition Connections: the Work of the Office of Charles and Ray Eames, a scenic cloud backdrop from the Eames Office, a scale model of the Eames Office as it was at the time of Charles Eames death in 1978 and a copy of the complete inventory of Eames’ projects for the IBM Corporation including records from the Mathmatica exhibition. The Eames Design Archive of John and Marilyn Neuhart is a comprehensive and scholarly collection that attests to the Eames’ iconic reputation as leaders in mid-twentieth century design.

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  1. Kathleen Walker said, on 2010. március 28. vasárnap at 18:49

    I am the daughter of Todd Walker, photographer in Los Angeles, California. Where and how can John and Marilyn Neuhart be located? My parents have passed away and I remember mention of the Neuharts as people my father dealt with as he did advertising photography of Eames furniture. I know that at least two cover photographs of Arts and Architecture were done by my father. He left advertising and became a photo educator in the late ’60’s. Any help in connecting with them would be appreciated. Sincerely, Kathleen Walker.

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