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Noon Studio

Posted in Bútorok, Világítás by Hellodesign on 2010. január 27. szerda

French duo Gautier Pelegrin and Vincent Taïani joined their forces and created the Noon studio. After their studies in industrial product in France the two designers followed separated careers for a long time until the moment they decided to collaborate and create their own studio. The result of this fusion is a mix of different experiences that allows a new approach to furniture and object design. Different perspectives can be a barrier to productive collaboration but that’s not the case with Noon studio; on the contrary it is an interchange of ideas, an effective way to stimulate creative thinking. The concepts of Noon studio come to confirm the fact that the collaboration of the two designers has only positive effects. A creative relationship that manages to generate new inspirational concepts.

Via & more: Yatzer

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  1. hot wallpaper said, on 2010. szeptember 27. hétfő at 13:05

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  2. Jesus Hissam said, on 2010. november 9. kedd at 00:35

    Thankyou for the information, most educational.

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