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Printa Akadémia: new concept store in Budapest

Posted in 01. Design by Hellodesign on 2010. január 5. kedd

Printa Akadémia, Budapest’s newest ‘concept store’ – gallery/shop/café/workshop/academy opened in the buzzing District VII on December 2, 2009 with a bang. Located on Rumbach Sebestyén utca 10, Printa Akadémia is an exciting multifunctional space. The front door opens into a cozy free wi-fi café serving coffee, tea and snacks – a place to relax with friends. Nestled next to the café is an intimate gallery showcasing works by Hungarian and international designers and artists.

On December 2, Printa Akadémia first exhibition shows four Hungarian artists: János Sugár, Kamilla Szíj, Judit Fischer and Tomi Budha, featuring their contemporary drawings and design products. Printa Akadémia offers consultation for art connoisseurs on how to amass an affordable collection.

Next to the café and gallery is an eco-design shop, offering limited-edition prints of items featured in the gallery, silk screens from the workshop, as well as selected unique recycled eco-design everyday-use items, clothing and home furnishings. Think of refurbished 50’s chairs with a unique printed cover or a bag made of car seatbelts.

Arching ceilings give way to silkscreen machines and high-quality printers in the bustling workshop. The space is available for interested artists to rent, and will also be used for classes and lectures.

The mission of Printa Akadémia is to share knowledge on print techniques, print art, and eco-design. Printa Akadémia will bring together professionals and artist and offer multiple hands-on workshops, courses, and shows. For a complete listing of the program, see http://www.printa.hu website.

Owners and operators Zita Majoros and Claudia Martins are well respected in the artist circuit in Budapest. Majoros is a graphic designer and the owner of Boltműhely, a design shop dedicated to Hungarian designers. Martins is a professional photographer and print-maker interested in eco-design. Both hope to foster a community of artists and appreciators interested in paper-based contemporary art and environmentally conscious design.

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