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Interni magazine issue #597

Posted in Magazinok by Hellodesign on 2009. december 15. kedd

What do the erudite architectural visions of Italo Rota have in common with the pursuit of the new on the part of the young people who are now entering the world of design? Nothing, apparently, but actually lots, if we approach the work of these personalities from a strictly narrative viewpoint. Mo re and more often design, especially in the area of technological and industrial products, is making use of storytelling techniques to find its operative path. We might even say that projects themselves are conceived today as tools for the construction of a story, an experience, a path of evolution. Something that is no longer an object-product based on precise, final aesthetic and functional parameters, but a process in which the user-actor plays an active role, developing the story that is best suited to his own habits and needs. Some say that after the age of information, which made maximum use of the left, rational side of the brain, the time has come to balance things, exploring the right side, the part that associates, draws, dreams. So the projects we illustrate in this issue share the telling of a story, that in some cases becomes a dream. Starting with those of Italo Rota, the sole protagonist of the pages on interior architecture: he describes his spaces as montages of overlapping narratives that engage the user, who is free to interpret what he sees in keeping with his own personal sensibilities. Then we look at new furnishing products, like the ones selected on the theme of Africa, where the story behind a project plays a p redominant role with respect to the individual formal results. Finally, the proposals of c e rtain young designers who have made a name for themselves this year on the international scene, represented by objects in progress, interactive, interchangeable. Their projects focus not so much on the finished product as on a generative path behind it, which becomes an open system ready to welcome new contributions. The designer suggests the story, and the user chooses the ending that suits him best.

Editorial by Gilda Bojardi

Via & more: Interni


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