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President’s Design Award Singapore 2009

Posted in Díjátadások by Hellodesign on 2009. november 15. vasárnap


Judging for the President’s Design Award 2009, Singapore’s most prestigious design accolade, has successfully concluded. Established in 2006, the Award recognises excellence across all design disciplines, including advertising design and visual communications, architecture and urban design, fashion design, furniture design, interior design, landscape design, product and industrial design.

In its fourth year, the President’s Design Award represents the pinnacle of design recognition in Singapore’s design sector. It continues to honour Singapore designers and exceptional designs that are truly innovative, improving the lives of Singaporeans and global communities.

The President’s Design Award is presented in two categories – Designer of the Year and Design of the Year. So far, a total of 12 Designers of the Year (three in 2008, seven in 2007 and two in 2006) and 21 Designs of the Year (seven each year in 2008, 2007 and 2006) have been conferred the Award.

An appointed panel of expert Jurors from both Singapore and overseas have been involved in a rigorous selection process in July this year, with the aim to identify the most outstanding designers and best designs to be conferred the Award. Recipients of the Award will receive a trophy and a certificate. Each Designer of the Year Award recipient is also eligible for the President’s Design Award Grant that gives them an opportunity to undertake a community-based design project. All Award recipients will receive their Award at the President’s Design Award Ceremony in November 2009 and be featured in a President’s Design Award publication and exhibition.

The President’s Design Award is conferred by The President of the Republic of Singapore, and is jointly administered by the DesignSingapore Council and the Urban Redevelopment Authority.

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  1. Suit Suit said, on 2009. december 7. hétfő at 15:14

    Argh… Yet another reminder of my fallen dream. I’ll never be able to make design that works.

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