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ICSID World Design Congress Singapore 2009

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The Icsid World Congress will bring together the thinking of 9 Design2050 Studios, 4 Keynote Speakers and the Congress Facilitators in an interactive forum where delegates will engage with them and each other to propose solutions to many of the critical challenges we face today.

What it’s about?

Design Difference – Designing Our World 2050
Over the three days of the Congress 9 Studio Leaders, 4 Keynote Speakers and the Congress facilitators will engage with the Congress Delegates on a wide range of issues from urban development, transport and healthcare, to sustainability and the way we will live in 2050.

9 Design2050 Studios, led by prominent Design Leaders, are developing concepts that will be discussed at the Congress and developed into Design 2050 solutions that will be published and featured in exhibitions following the closing of the event. Our aim is to develop ‘real world’ solutions that are viable within current and future scenarios, for a more sustainable economy and society in 2050.

We believe that the challenges we face over the next 40 years represent unprecedented opportunities to develop new products, processes and solutions that will be the foundation of a new sustainable economy.

Engage with the world’s leading creative thinkers in Singapore this November as they present their visionary ideas that will play a vital part in shaping a better world of tomorrow.

Who Should Attend?

Designers and Design Managers who want to experience the possibilities of design and design thinking and how they can be applied across industries and disciplines.

Government and Business Leaders who aim to understand the dynamics of our changing economy, the demands these will place on their organisations and the opportunities they represent.

Researchers and Consultants who want to be ahead of the curve and interact with cutting edge thinkers who are shaping the context for the new sustainable economy.

Why You Should Attend?

The challenges facing governments and businesses over the next 40 years are daunting. At the same time these challenges represent unprecedented opportunities to develop new products, processes and solutions that will be the foundations of a new sustainable economy.

Meeting these challenges requires new thinking across a wide range of issues from agriculture, urban development, transport and healthcare to the way we can live within the finite resources of our world. Delegates will have the opportunity to learn and contribute directly to the discussions on these important issues. You will gain:-

  • An opportunity to interact with some of world’s leading creative thinkers.
  • The chance to preview revolutionary design ideas with a 40-year outlook by leading design experts in industries from architecture and urban planning, to entertainment, automotive, product design, healthcare and many others.
  • Opportunities to engage with designers from various disciplines as well as design buyers, design educators, entrepreneurs, business leaders, researchers, consultants and government representatives from around the world.
  • Access to new knowledge and information on design thinking and processes that will be important for success in a fast changing global economy.
  • The opportunity to experience Singapore’s unique culture and participate in the other Singapore Design Festival events during November 2009.

Via & more: Icsidcongress09


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