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Interni magazine issue #594

Posted in Magazinok by Hellodesign on 2009. szeptember 21. hétfő


100 thoughts, 100 projects, 100 products. That’s the ‘slogan’ we chose for the September 2009 issue, a most special issue – aspiring to remain in the bookcases of our readers – that wants to highlight projects, strategies and innovations, which the players of the Italian design system are carrying out to face the great challenge of the ongoing change. Why did we call it “Design Thinking”? Because we like to consider design as a widespread planning attitude, a method and forma mentis of an increasingly complex society, where roles and titles are gradually losing relevance in favour of the participation and sharing of tomorrow’s design. In this perspective, no longer adjusted to today’s requirements but to a vision of medium and long-term future, we deemed it interesting to stop for a while, avoiding for once the review of new products usually presented in the September issue. Instead, we thought of a number of reflections, that could gather the thoughts of all members of the extended family of design – designers, business owners, distributors – on this occasion asked to express their opinion about the chief, contemporary themes. We approached all types of manufacturers: some are wellknown worldwide as opinion leaders and trend setters in the consumer market, soma are at the second or even third generation of family dynasties with great company histories behind, some chose the acquisition policy to expand their brands and the prestige of the “made in Italy” all over the world. The same applies to the designers, selected by country of origin, personal details, professional specificities and schools of thought. Obviously, we don’t expect this to be an exhaustive report of all the opinions of the Italian design community. We certainly left out the contribution of many other players, whom we apologize to in advance. However, we hope – and we are somewhat convinced – that we sowed a little seed for new discussions, new considerations and ideas, that we are going to publish soon in a special number, but that should also be expressed in the “everyday life” of design, reported by Interni every month.

Gilda Bojardi


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