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European Copper Projects Shortlisted

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image Courtesy of Copper Development Association

With almost 50 entries from 16 countries, the 2009 Copper in Architecture Awards revealed an exceptional diversity of projects – many not yet published – representing the very best in contemporary European architecture. Five quite different buildings – a media centre, museum, urban housing complex and two individual homes – have now been shortlisted by the international team of architect and editor judges.

The well-established Copper in Architecture Awards recognise architectural excellence and celebrate the use of copper in all its forms. The last two decades have seen their transformation from a UK-based programme highlighting craftsmanship, into a major, design-led Awards event for projects across Europe. For the first time, the 2009 Awards consider all entries together to select the very best in contemporary European architecture.

The five shortlisted projects clearly demonstrate the growing popularity of copper and its alloys as inspirational, as well as environmentally sustainable, architectural materials. The Clip House in Madrid, Spain – designed by Bernalte-León y Asociados – is a highly sculptural design formed from copper planes cantilevered from a vertical concrete spine.

photo Alejo Bagué - Archeology Museum of Vitoria, Spain - image Courtesy of Copper Development Association

Still in Spain, but in complete contrast, Mangado y Asociados’ Archaeology Museum of Vitoria makes extensive use of cast bronze elements to create contrasting elevational treatments to shape the surrounding urban spaces.

Housing at Frederikskaj, Copenhagen, Denmark - iimage Courtesy of Copper Development Association

In Copenhagen, Denmark, Dissing+Weitling arkitektfirma has used copper and glass to define a cool, high-density housing project at Frederikskaj, suggesting nautical references in its harbour-side location.

House in Ticino, Switzerland - image Courtesy of Copper Development Association

Another house – this time in Ticino, southern Switzerland – incorporates copper mesh screening for transparency as an integral part of Davide Macullo Architetto’s ecological and site-sensitive design.

Mediacomplex 22@, Barcelona, Spain - iimage Courtesy of Copper Development Association
Finally, to Spain again where transparency is also achieved – this time with perforated copper screens, matching a strong copper façade grid on the Mediacomplex 22@ building in Barcelona designed by Patrick Genard y Asociados and Ferrater & Asociados. The winners will be announced at a presentation in London on 29 September.

Via & more: Copperconcept


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