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Blueprint magazine issue #281

Posted in Magazinok by Hellodesign on 2009. július 2. csütörtök


This month Blueprint asks how public London’s public spaces really are. We have joined forces with the Manifesto Club to test the over-regulation of some of the city’s most high-profile squares, and have recorded the reaction of security guards and police to the activities staged by a small team of volunteers. Writer Dolan Cummings reflects on what ‘public’ has come to signify, while photographers, architects and sociologists give their views on public space in the UK and abroad.

East Architects, which is behind one of London’s newest public spaces, Bermondsey Square, takes its name from the part of London where many of its projects are sited. The practice revels in the nitty-gritty of planning and the meticulous mapping of terrain. Focusing on how things fit together, the practice has applied this attention to detail to ambitious projects like the East London Green Grid, as well as smaller public projects. Tim Abrahams reports.

Copenhagen is often cited as an example of liberal urban planning and pristine public spaces; but it isn’t liberal enough for artist and activist Iøn Sorvin, founder of N55. Peter Kelly meets Sørvin, whose enviably relaxed lifestyle belies his consistent and determined campaign in favour of unconventional lifestyles and open planning laws.

We also preview Blueprint’s forthcoming exhibition at the Royal Academy, Paper City: Urban Utopias. Launched as part of the redesign in 2006, our back page has been host to a vast range of ideas for imaginary cities by architects, artists and designers. We show a selection of those already published alongside new commissions.

Elsewhere in this issue, Penny Lewis  laments the growing aversion to glossy images in architecture magazines; Hosang Park captures the surreal nature of a typical garden at a modern apartment block in Seoul; Paris celebrates filmmaker Jacques Tati; Wayne Hemingway’s Kioskiosk at More London; Jay Merrick explores Joe Webb’s Appalachian Cabins; Sour Grapes; the Rainbow cartoon, and much, much more…

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