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Code X Luxury Hybrid Yacht

Posted in 07. Zöld, 08. Közlekedés by Hellodesign on 2009. június 9. kedd


This is one lean, mean and green floating machine. Part stealth fighter, part 007 fantasy, this 47 foot “CODE X” Yacht by Swiss Yacht builder CODE X, is a catamaran style power yacht that is not only ubber-luxurious but a technological wet dream. Packed with the latest in LED touchscreen control panels that delivers complete automated control over such things like the solar/hybrid power system to the GPS-controlled ‘virtual anchor’ system that utilises the electric motors to maintain a stationary position regardless of wind or currents. If you get tired of saving the planet and creeping around in near silent mode, you can rock the docks with the twin Ilmor Formula One engines, delivering a hefty 710hp. This Swiss design features a Kevlar/carbon shell with phototropic-shaded windows. The deck is UV-resistant with a heat-repellent shell ensuring you are hotter than your ride.

Via & more: Yanko Design


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