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OBJEKT magazine issue #45

Posted in Magazinok by Hellodesign on 2009. június 8. hétfő


While half the human race (at least those who have the choice) likes to live in the countryside, the other half swears by city life, preferably in modern, stacked, loft-like apartments. Fortunately there is plenty of choice for both persuasions to appoint their outdoor and indoor spaces according to their own tastes. In fact the trend towards fusion is taking on tsunami proportions: it is perfectly acceptable for furniture, fabrics, objects and even lighting to be dragged indoors from the terrace, and vice versa.
Whereas, in the not-too-distant past, ‘outdoors’ was the territory of specialists in teak chairs, benches and tables – items distinguished for a total lack of comfort – today ‘outdoors’ is the designers’ playground. New materials with remarkable technical characteristics now permit forms combining style, elegance and comfort: veritable oceans of options into which even wellestablished design houses have enthusiastically taken the plunge.

While the man in the street is recovering from the summer vacation or planning what to do at Christmas, every September the outdoor experts concentrate their efforts on the coming spring: each year they present their latest creative tours de force to a professional audience in Paris. In this edition of OBJEKTŠ International the whole gamut of products is reviewed. If the garden or terrace provides too little scope, there is always an ocean-going venue for the entire indoor and outdoor spectacle. There, super yachts are the protagonists in the interior design show. Their interiors are designed by a small group of specialists, who operate world wide.

Bannenberg of London are in the premier league in that field. Since the nineteen-fifties, Jon Bannenberg’s designs have sent more than a few ripples through the primarily conservative world of yacht interior design. He was the source of inspiration for entire generations of yacht-designers. Today his son, Dickie, is at the company’s helm. Together with creative director Simon Rowell, he was responsible for the interior of Feadship Predator. What is particularly striking in that super yacht is the expertise of the detailing of its interior appointments: work like that is extremely rare. And then to the city dweller: for him, the choices of interior are vast. From somewhat classical to highly modern, from monochrome to exuberantly colourful, the options for urbanites are endless. Interestingly, whatever preference prevails, the favoured metropolitan style scores world wide – in a loft in Montreal or a hotel in Miami, a classical interior in Brussels or the interior of an artist’s home in Florida: none are really place-bound. It’s easy enough to transfer those styles to different locations – and so much the better. The main thing is that an interior emanates something of the owner’s personality.

Some compelling examples can be found in this edition of OBJEKTŠ International.

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