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I.D. magazine issue #56

Posted in Magazinok by Hellodesign on 2009. június 3. szerda


I.D. magazine shows summary of the current issue, June 2009.


The Material City
First Deputy Mayor Patricia E. Harris on why design matters to the Bloomberg Administration.
Interview by Jane Margolies

You Can Do It. Bug Can Help.
Open-source hardware developer Bug Labs offers a game-changing solution for upstart gadget makers.
By Jesse Ashlock

Roam Away From Home
Products for the mobile office
By Jonathan Schultz

No One Knows What It’s Like to Be the Adman
Peter Arnell is just looking for a little understanding.
By Mark Rozzo

Nice Weave
Carbon fiber classes up the functional and the frivolous.
By William Bostwick

Pleased to Meet Loo
With much fanfare, a Japanese toilet company introduces itself to the West.
By Simon Dumenco

Square Deal
Heath Ceramics releases a line of budget-friendly tiles.
By Ernest Beck

Discount Desk Space
Furnishing your start-up on a dime
By The Editors

Rock Brand
Sonic ID rethinks advertising with next-generation jingles.
By Daron Murphy


Bottled water gets BOXED
Controversial FINNISH RUGS
Shanghai’s new CREATIVE HUB
HIGH DESIGN in pop culture

Renato Preti trades finance for furniture.
Interview by Jill Singer

Manufacturing for the little guy
By Anna Rabinowicz

Designers can make and sell anything at Ponoko’s online factory.
By Jesse Ashlock

Trendwatcher LS:N offers designers easy access to consumer insight.
By David Gelles

Jonas Damon’s TORCH flashlight
HIGHLIGHTS from the Milan Fair
By Jill Singer

Shoe: Ecco BIOM B
Reviewed by Alissa Walker
Building: 100K and 120K houses
Reviewed by Mark Lamster
Product: Dell Adamo
Reviewed by Nicole Dyer
Books: The Grid Book / Grid Index
Reviewed by Ellen Lupton

…back story
How the UMBRELLA went from shielding kings to commoners.
By Susan Yelavich

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