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A dream in pure white: Leica M8 White Edition

Posted in 01. Design, 09. Technológia by Hellodesign on 2009. május 18. hétfő

When compared with the classic black and silver models in the M8 series, this special limited edition with a white leather finish is destined to be the eye-catcher of this summer. The LEICA M8 ‘White Edition’ is available in a set including a silver anodised LEICA ELMARIT-M 1:2.8/28 mm ASPH lens and strictly limited to just 275 examples. The uniqueness is further emphasised by the special serial numbers assigned exclusively to the cameras.

The exclusive white Nappa cowhide leather of the LEICA M8 ‘White Edition’ makes the Leica M8 a particularly comfortable camera to hold. The camera is accompanied by a high-quality, real leather carrying strap, embossed with the Leica logo. All control elements are finished in silver chrome and, in combination with the lens, perfectly round off the overall styling of the set. The top cover, bottom plate and the camera back are finished in white paint.

The special paint finish is particularly resistant to wear and is characterised by its dirt-repelling surface. This finish provides the pure white camera with long-term protection against unsightly marks. The technical specifications and features of the LEICA M8 ‘White Edition’ are identical to those of the standard LEICA M8 models. Each camera of this special edition is also accompanied by its own unique certificate of authenticity.

The lens included in the LEICA M8 ‘White Edition’ set – a silver anodised LEICA ELMARIT-M 1:2.8/28 mm ASPH – is one of the most popular lenses of the M System. With its extremely low weight of only 180 grams, it is particularly compact and offers outstanding performance for a wide range of photographic applications. The special edition set also includes a classical round lens hood in silver anodised metal and a silver E39 IR/UV filter.

Via & more: Leica

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