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The University of Design at San Marino at the Salone Satellite 2009

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The University of design at San Marino will be participating this year for the first time at the Salone Satellite of Milan. The Industrial Design Undergraduate Programme – resulting from the collaboration between the Università IUAV di Venezia and the Università degli Studi della Repubblica di San Marino – has been active within the autonomous Republic for the past four years. With certain specific characteristics, the University features: a restricted and selected number of students (120 per year); a transversal educational course from the project design of products to visual communications; a faculty and staff that includes some of the foremost designers and graphic artists in Italy and abroad; a high quality of services provided to the students within a distinct geographic and environmental context. Some of the names included among the numerous teaching staff at San Marino are: Riccardo Blumer, Giorgio Camuffo, Marco Ferreri, Giulio Iacchetti, Sergio Menichelli, Francesco Messina, Massimo Pitis, Gianni Sinni, Omar Vulpinari and Marco Zito. At Salone Satellite 2009 (D-35), the University Degree Program will be presented with a selection of photographs of the projects and works conducted and realized by the University’s students, with a simple and essential but also effective exhibition (presented by Marzo Zito; visual design Francesco Messina and Carlo Rossolini; photography Roberto Bandiera).
On Sunday April 26th , for the entire day, there will be a workshop conducted by Riccardo Blumer, which is to involve different professors and students from
the University.

In addition, the works by the students in the Industrial Design Undergraduate Programme, and particularly the laboratory conducted by Riccardo Blumer, will be presented in the exposition entitled La pelle come limite (Skin as a limit) at the Milanese art gallery: Galleria Luisa Delle Piane (via Giuseppe Giusti 24, Milan).

Salone Satellite 2009
pavilion 22-24, D stand 35
Fiera di Milano Rho-Pero
22-26 April 2009, h 9.30-18.30

special event
workshop conducted by Riccardo Blumer
Sunday 26 April 2009, h 10-16.30

for further information
secretary’s office 800-411314
Rosa Chiesa +39 339 7281234



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