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Time to Design / New Talent Award 2009.

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Time to design – new talent award is a design award with focus on the needs of young talents. The price includes three months residency at the National Workshops for Arts and Crafts, 50.000 DKK donated by The Danish Ministry of Culture and two weeks exhibition at the Normann Copenhagen Flagship Store. This year the winner is also granted career coaching as part of the award.

Deadline for submission is June 24, 2009 at www.timetodesign.eu.



Time to design – new talent award was established in 2008 as a new and untraditional co-operation between The National Workshops for Arts and Crafts (SVKH), Normann Copenhagen og Link UP – network for young architects and designers in Denmark. The purpose is to create a unique platform for design talents within the design business through a co-operation between the private and public sector – a platform that contributes to ones further professional career.

The combination of the residency at SVKH and the exhibition in Normann Copenhagen provides great opportunity for the winning designer. Competent guidance and access to the highly acknowledged facilities offered by SVKH forms the foundation for the designer to concentrate on his or hers work. The exhibition in Normann Copenhagen provides an excellent opportunity to show ones work and talent to the public.


The guest jury members 2009 consists of three competent Danish designers: Mathilde Aggebo, Dorte Østergaard Jakobsen and Thomas Bentzen besides the permanent members: Poul Madsen, director and co-founder of Normann Copenhagen, Frederik Hardvendel, director of The National Workshops for Arts and Crafts and Jesper Nørgaard Pagh, designer and co-founder of Link UP.

Winner in 2008 was architect Anne Romme with her sculptural screen and room divider, Saturated Porosity – freestanding screen. Through ornaments made in wood Anne Romme created a sensuous and sculptural screen and room divider. The project is based on geometry and digital design and production methods and was on display at the Normann Copenhagen Flagship Store from November 27 to December 11, 2008.

In relation to winning the award Anne explains: ”It has been a huge experience and great knowledge for me to receive this award. Normally I work with different projects at one time but it has meant a lot to have the time and space to concentrate being at The National Workshops for Arts and Crafts. To be in an environment where you are surrounded by persons who are enthusiastic and at the same time receiving advice and guidance from qualified consultants – this has been indispensable.”

The winner will be announced end of August at a press conference. Here after the residency at The National Workshops for Arts and Crafts will begin. The exhibition at the Normann Copenhagen Flagship

Store runs from November 26 to December 10, 2009.

Read more about Time to design – new talent award at www.timetodesign.eu.


For further information about Time to design – new talent award contact:

Frederik Hardvendel, Director, National Workshops for Arts and Crafts or

Ida Sofie Minke Anderson, PR Assistant, National Workshops for Arts and Crafts

Phone: +45 32 96 05 10 or +45 20 62 15 45

Email: timetodesign@svkh.dk


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