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Lit Faucet from Newform – new Y-Con kitchen faucet

Posted in Konyhák by Hellodesign on 2009. február 25. szerda


The new Y-Con Lit Kitchen Faucet from Newform will have you seeing red (in a good way), and your kitchen in a whole new light. The Y-Con features the patented “Turboled” water-lighting system that changes color as the water’s temperature does. On or off, this cool faucet stands out for its sensual, feminine curves and a sleek, masculine simplicity that fits seamlessly with any style kitchen, from contemporary, to luxurious, to traditional.

Via & more: Trendir

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  1. Fluorescent Lamp : said, on 2010. október 29. péntek at 20:19

    i would really have to a have kitchen faucet that is made of silver or at least silver plated. ‘


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